try to gain a peace mind..
try to not argue about little matters with anyone..
try to make peace with everyone..
try to do the things that u like, be the person that u want to be..
try to get fresh air then u'll find the peace in ur heart..
try to avoid the things that make anger,hate,jelous,bad thinking,bad habit,all the bad's feeling n behaviour...
try to gain peace with recite the QURAN n ZIKR..
try to think about our CREATOR..
try to think about the UNIVERSE..
try..try..n try...never give up to try...
then u'll find ur heart, ur mind, ur life!!..


dont let anyone take ur happiness from u..
doing the things that u like, u happy n u enjoy..
Love is also a happiness but in ISLAM ways..
Love ur family, frenz, urself, teacher, husband n wife, children, everyone ur ISLAM..
Smile is happiness to u and to others..
Helping people is happiness..
Eat anything that u like n ur favourites..
Make frenz, sharing, loving, understanding, always be together..
Solat/Pray is the way to get happiness from ALLAH s.w.t..
Many ways to get the happiness..
What else that give u a happiness??..think urself..^_^


what makes u a braveheart person?..
when u have problems in ur life..
with family, frenz, work, urself, environment n health, studies, social, economics, country..
when ur dealling with big messy matters..
when ur frustrated..
when ur sad..
when u failed n helpless..
when ur down..
when u r alone, nobody loves n help u, listen u, advice u, give support..
when ur feeling cannot be controll..
when ur goodness unappreciated, untrusted by anyone..
when u r left away from ur parents, frenz n community..
when u grown up in a misserable life in darkness..
when u r an orphan child..
when u r facing unhealthy life..
when u get sick..
when ur love ones passed away, or in trouble..
when u r never given chance to updated n improve urself..
when u r born as a special person(OKU) or been an OKU..
when u r trying to leave the badness..


find a frenz that never fades his believe to ALLAH..
find a frenz that always reminds us to ALLAH...
find a frenz that can guide us to JANNATUL FIRDAUS..
find a frenz that their hearts n life never turn from HIS CREATOR..
find a frenz that always beside us in hard n good, poor n rich, health n sick, darkness to light..
find a frenz that never left us behind..
find a frenz that loving, loyalty, understanding, kind, trusted..
Friendship Forever till JANNAH..AMIN.

is a collection of hearts, ready to give, share and understand.
it never fades and never ends,
it only reminds us life is not perfect without a friend.

TRUST 1 things!!

ALLAH never leaves us..
The creator of you and me,the heaven and whole universe
The one that made us whole and free
The guardian of HIS true believers
So when the time is hard
There’s no way to turn
As HE promise HE will Always Be There
To bless us with HIS love and HIS mercy
So when you lose your way
To Allah you should turn
As HE promise HE will Always Be There...^_^