Monday, June 8, 2015

Our Journey to XIAN, China

Introduction first about Xian and my Visiting Places Xian is rich with History and the Culture... I've been to Terracotta Army Warrior... Dayan Pagoda & Big Wild Goose Pagoda.. The Great Mosque & Muslim Quarter... Tang Dynasty Park & Daming Palace.. and there's more... Its a beauty scenic when u get to the places of Xian, China... Its rich with different Culture and the Structure was amazing and wonderful...MashaAllah.. but i stay there in a short time so there's a little time spending for the travel places.. Try spend ur trip to Xian...Its a good experience..but its better if u travel with friends or alone so that u can go anywhere without waiting for that u can manage ur time for the next trip. Next time, i'll tell u guys about the trip i've been there and all the experience me and my friends through a lot in Xian, China. ^_^

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