Our Journey to XIAN, China

Introduction first about Xian and my Visiting Places Xian is rich with History and the Culture... I've been to Terracotta Army Warrior... Dayan Pagoda & Big Wild Goose Pagoda.. The Great Mosque & Muslim Quarter... Tang Dynasty Park & Daming Palace.. and there's more... Its a beauty scenic when u get to the places of Xian, China... Its rich with different Culture and the Structure was amazing and wonderful...MashaAllah.. but i stay there in a short time so there's a little time spending for the travel places.. Try spend ur trip to Xian...Its a good experience..but its better if u travel with friends or alone so that u can go anywhere without waiting for others...so that u can manage ur time for the next trip. Next time, i'll tell u guys about the trip i've been there and all the experience me and my friends through a lot in Xian, China. ^_^