Thursday, December 27, 2012

My lovely Uni Banjir lagi..yup!

My UniSZA banjir lagi... sebelum NI sy penah citer kan, masa tu sy 1st year..kena redah gi kelas & cari makan dlm keadaan banjir..kali ni banjir lagi teruk dri 1st experience tu.. Siap main kayak lagi budak2 ni..memang dahsyatla...hehe.. Enjoy The View..Only in UNISZA, TERENGGANU. ^_^

Me again ^_^

Salam.. I'm Back!..long time no see... very busy with anything...everything.. in a few days im going to have an final exam for my 3rd years as a Bachelor Of Social Science Students in UniSZA. Briefly..just to wish all my friends a very Gud Luck in anything u do..^_^ No matter who u are, where u be, believe in urself, have faith in HIM..then u'll get through your life very well. In Shaa Allah ^_^