.: Sometimes we cried too loud, no one was there to listen to us.. .: Sometimes we cross the road to arrive our journey by our self.. .: Sometimes we face trouble and problem by our self without helping from others.. .: Sometimes we felt so tired when we does something that make others unappreciate.. .: Sometimes we feel dissapointed of whom we are, so helpless that no one knows what we've been through all day in our life.. .: Sometimes we want our friends and family share and listen to our stories but no one's listening.. .: Sometimes we just stood facing the wall like, thinking what we have been doing today.. .: Sometimes we just stood and looking up to the sky watching what the sky are doing, why the birds can fly but cant we.. ~Sometimes what happends in our life depends to whom we are, everytime we face problem there are plenty more problem that we solve, there are reason why we live to day and there are reason why we gain happiness, sadness and thoughest day in our life. We should be more grateful for what HE gave us Today, because we doesnt know if we have the chances to get more air to breath tomorrow,the day after tomorrow and so on. ~Sometimes we have to be greatful for what we have now, try to think the wonderful creature and creations that HE create to make us greatful and praise to HIM. Everytime we praise to HIM of what HE been create, we should say Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Masya Allah, In shaa Allah.. ~Its very simple whether we wanted to be whom we are, there are goodness and badness, we have been given brain to think so think wisely in everything we does. In shaa Allah, May Allah Bless us with HIS rahmat. ^_^